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Bernard DE CREPY teaching masterclass at the Academy Les Concerts du Cloître à Nice Académie Internationale d'été de Nice France. Masterclasses et cours de musique.

Tradition & Excellence.  Instruments,  Composition,  Vocal.

2014 Summer Session ;  Masterclasses & student concerts

Through its history, its location, its famous professors, its international influence, the Nice International Summer Academy of Music has become the leading event in the development of a new career in music.
The new campus has been created on the most beautiful location of Nice, in the neighbourhood of Cimiez. A brand new Conservatory has been built and provide optimum ergonomics, with 150 air-conditioned rooms, an auditorium of 750 seats, practice studios for everyone, an open air theatre. New accommodation for better serenity and concentration with individual rooms and eating facilities on an outstanding location over a 5 hectares park at the Château de Valrose of the Nice University. The Academy is an unforgettable experience: Festival, Public MasterClasses and Students concerts enjoy a vast audience. 
Last but not least : Nice the capital of the Côte d'Azur is the leading region of the first tourist destination of the world.

Bernard DE CREPY - Analysis and composition  
Composer, professor at CNR and CNSM Paris
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English Biography: After receiving first prize at the Paris Conservatory in harmony, counterpoint and fugue in the classes of Henry Challan, of Noël Gallon, and of Marcel Brion, Bernard de Crépy was awarded first prize in Tony Aubin’s composition class.
He also studied conducting with Pierre Delvaux at the Ecole Normale of Paris, and piano with Jean and Gaby Casadessus. As a composer, Bernard de Crépy is known for his authorship of a number of works: theme and variations for piano and violin, an orchestra suite, of pieces for piano and clarinet, for piano and horn, for piano and two percussion instruments, of a score for clarinet and orchestra dedicated to Jacques Merer, (a state designated commission for the Orchestra of Lille) and of a sextet for trombone and woodwinds, a barcarole for piano in homage to Gabriel Fauré, and twenty fanciful preludes for piano.
Along with Marcel Landowski, Bernard de Crépy was responsible for the founding of the Besançon International Competition for Composition. Bernard de Crépy has also published a number of educational anthologies of writing, a subject he has been teaching at the CNSMDP since 1972.

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